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Erin & Kristen - Mountain Elopement (South Fork, Colorado)

My first Elopement, I had never dreamed it would be so perfect and so full of love. I met with these two at Kips to discuss the big day, we ended up visiting for over four hours and never really even talked wedding. They were so sweet and so much fun! I couldn't wait for August 19th! They even picked amazing locations specifically for pictures, DREAM!!!

Kristen & Erin may your years together be filled with an abundance of love and laughter!!




Lori Bell(non-registered)
Congrats you two!!! Jessica and I are so very happy for you both!
Blake morton(non-registered)
Congrats!! Even though I've considered you family for years now, I'm So happy it's official now! Love you two!
Beautiful!!! I am so happy for you two and wish you both many many more happy years of married bliss!! Love you guys!
Tiffany Falcon(non-registered)
OMG such beautiful pictures!! I love you two so much! So happy for you guys & welcome (officially) to the family Kristen.
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