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Married in Fraser, Colorado ~ Shelley and Hiten

This was one of my favorite weddings so far, of course each wedding holds a special place in my heart! This one did stand out to me. Maybe it was a mix between the couple Shelley and Hiten, their families and friends, and all the kind-hearted spirits. I really felt like I belonged there! The weather wasn't what I would have ordered but it offered dry skies and beautiful pictures for the first half, so thankful they did a first look! It then started pouring during the outdoor ceremony but the love of these two did not let that stop them. They had nothing but smiles and laughter the whole time. Shelley and Hiten met a few years back at a friends wedding and connected in a way they hadn't before. That was just the start. The communion along with friends who travel from afar was a beautiful chapter. This sweet couple have great journeys and adventures awaiting!  

~Shelley and Hiten thank you for inviting me to such a special occasion in your life


Wonderful pics Susan. It was an relaxed informal wedding. This pics reflect that.
The light is very good. The clouds in the background during the dedication glowering, but the figures in the foreground look so happy!!
Give the boys some sticks and they suddenly become Jedi warriors!! 20years ago they used to do that in the park
The indoor pictures are excellent considering you used no flash
Looking forward to viewing the rest
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